Monday, October 7, 2013

SV #2: Unit G Concept 1-7: Graphing Rational Functions

     This student video is about finding slant, horizontal, and vertical asymptotes. You will also be finding holes and the domain. After finding these, you can graph the function. A hole is a place where the graph cannot  touch. We will also be finding limit notation and using our calculator to help us.
     When doing this problem, you must take note that when we find our holes, we need to make sure it gets plugged into the simplified equation. We also have to pay attention to when we plug in the equation to the calculator, we must use parantheses. Another crucial thing that the view needs to pay attention to is the view must not confuse how to find x intercept and y intercept. for X intercept, you set y to 0. For Y intercept, you set X to 0.

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