Sunday, September 29, 2013

SV #1: Unit F Concept 10:Finding real and complex zeroes for a 4th Degree Polynomial

 This problem is about finding real and complex zeroes when there is a polynomial to the fourth degree. We first use Descartes Rule to find the possible number or real positive or negative zeroes. We also use the rational root theorem, p/q, to find the possible zeroes. We also use synthetic division. This video will explain how to use all these aspects to find the zeros of the fourth degree polynomial.

The viewer needs to pay special attention to Descartes Rule, when you are looking for the amount of possible negative zeroes. You have to remember that when it is an odd degree, the sign switches. The viewer also has to make sure to multiply/add/subtract correctly while doing synthetic division. The viewer has to remember that the p/q is positive AND negative. Another crucial thing that the viewer must acknowledge is distributing negatives. You must remember there could be irrational and imaginary zeroes.

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