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My name is Katie and I am a current junior. I am a down-to-earth person and enjoy the outdoors. My favorite color is green and I love food. I find myself dedicated to the things I set my mind to. I want to become a surgeon (still exploring the various forms) or a family doctor. However, I am still very conflicted because I have a deep interest in history and psychology. My dream university as of now is Stanford. Math is the subject I most struggle in. I am in the track team and also in Key Club, Red Cross, CSF, NHS, and JRFC. I love to cook, go on adventures, eat, and spend time with friends/family. I love mystery and romance books. I am also obsessed with television and movies (including criminology and medical shows such as Grey's Anatomy and CSI!). I love spending time with my sisters, who I rarely see nowadays since they go to Berkeley. One of my flaws is that I am a sensitive person and I also analyze and read too much into things sometimes. Oh, and sunflowers are my favorite flower. 

As a student, I find myself determined. I always try my hardest and I discipline myself to stay on task. However, I do find myself as a student, lacking esteem. I always have negative thoughts regarding school work and such, and I acknowledge that I need to stop thinking this way. Math has always been the most difficult subject for me, because I am more of a english/history person. Even though I passed with an A last year in Algebra 2, I see that it was because of the help I received from my teacher and best friend Ashley. That being said, I noticed that I learn better when I get help one-on-one from a teacher. I also like to go to tutoring sessions to get more assistance from the teacher. My favorite classes are history because I love to analyze things and psychology. I always found myself researching things such as dreams, why people perform the way they do, etc, because I am deeply interested in the psychological factors of a human being. I learn best the teacher makes me feel like they care about my education and that they are willing to support me. I also am a more visual person, I like it when what is happening is written down and examples. I don't entirely enjoy group work, because I prefer to work individually. But, I really think it can be good to have a partner (that you can choose wisely) to help you with the areas you struggle in. 

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