Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SV #3: Unit H Concept 7: Finding logs given approximations

This problem is about finding logs, given approximations. To clarify, you will be given variables that are equal to logs, that add or subtract to your solution. You will expand your clue using the properties of logs. The quotient law, product law, and power law are present in this type of equation. You will also be substituting your values (letters) given.

The viewer needs to pay attention to that sometimes, the clues given does not match up to the log you are finding. To fix this, the viewer needs to multiply the numerator and denominator continuously until both the bottom and top have factors of the given clues. The viewer also has to make sure not to confuse the quotient law with the product law. The quotient law is when you divide, your logs can subtract. The product law is that when you multiply logs, that means you can add them too.

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