Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WPP#12: Unit O Concept 10: Solving Angles of Elevation and Depression Word Problems

Bulgaria: RGI's Europa Capital Completes Acquisition of 'Mall of Sofia'
The Problem: 

Part A: Carrie is going to go to the store. She is 110 feet away from the store. The angle of elevation is 30 degrees. She wants to know the height of the building because she is very curious, what is it?

Part B: Carrie decided to climb the store because she is crazy. She is on top of the store. She is 63.5 feet higher than a car she wants to jump on. She estimates the angle of depression from where she is now to the car to be 20 degrees. How big will her fall be if she decided to jump? 

The Solution:
 Part A:

Part B:

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